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The following is a quiz from Doreen Virtue's book "Earth Angels. Scoring below. I have Celtic origins, or I look Celtic that is, I have reddish hair, or a ruddy complexion. I don't like being the center of attention, and I'm usually a wallflower at social functions. In the past, I was so miserable that I wanted to die and seriously considered or attempted suicide. My family and friends remark, "You're different now.

There's something about you that's not the same. I have made, or am making, drastic changes to many areas of my life simultaneously such as moving, changing jobs, and divorcing all at once.

Even though I know I'm different from other people, I still enjoy the company of others and get along pretty well with most people. I believe that I was burned at the stake, or killed in some other way, during the witch hunts or Inquisition. I'm very drawn toward Earth-based spirituality, such as shamanism or full-moon ceremonies. Count the number of TRUE answers for each successive grouping of six questions, beginning with the first six. That is, the more questions you answered TRUE to, the more likely you are fit into this category.

Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility help. Join or log in to Facebook. Email or phone. Forgotten account? Sign Up. I tend to easily put on or lose extra weight, or I'm currently over under weight. My past or current love partners are addicts or alcoholics. I rarely break a rule.

8 Clear Signs You Are An Earth Angel Incarnated On This Planet and Don’t Know It

I have a hard time saying no. I highlight, color, or bleach my hair. I would prefer to help someone one-on-one, rather than in a group setting. Truth to be told, I like animals or plants much better than I like people. I constantly play practical jokes. I'm quite the mischief maker, and seem to have a persitent twinkle in my eyes.

I'm fiercely independent and don't like following rules or authority. My finances seem to be either feast or famine.

I'm compulsively thoughtful toward people, whether they express appreciation or not. I conduct Reiki or other forms of energy or hands-on-healing.While we are all ultimately human beings, some of us are more than just that. Earth angels are essentially souls who are sources of hope, inspiration, support, and healing. They come into our lives at completely random, unexpected moments or when we need them the most.

At their core they are selfless and passionate, while their presence is calming and reassuring. If you think that perhaps you are an Earth Angel or know somebody who may be one, but are not completely sure, then check out the signs below.

They all point towards someone being an Earth Angel, so if these apply to you, then you most likely are one! You Are An Empath. This means that you are deeply affected by the emotions other people around you are feeling. Whether you believe them or not, you undoubtedly show an awareness and wisdom beyond what your age lets on.

A certain energy vibe you radiate gives people the intrinsic feel that you are an old soul. You Crave Alone Time. If you go too long without it you end up feeling drained and weak both emotionally and physically.

Time spent alone is what restores your inner balance and readies you for whatever comes next. Money, fame, fortune, all of those types of things do not appeal to you. Instead, you want a career that is mentally and spiritually fulfilling.

Many Earth Angels have an overwhelming desire and need to be able to help or heal others, and so they often end up as the following; doctors, nurses, firefighters, EMTs, therapists, counselors, psychiatrists, teachers, acupuncturists, social workers, and so forth.

You Are Highly Sensitive. Oftentimes you find yourself overwhelmed by all the suffering and problems you see in the world. It affects you greatly and is a source of frustration and anxiety.

They seem to seek you out and come to you with their problems because they instinctively know you will both listen to them and help solve or work through them. Even complete strangers will initiate a conversation out of the blue about their troubles, and you always take the time to hear them out and respond.

In fact, you love being able to help people past their issues. You Loathe Violence And Suffering. Whether it is outright physical violence, starvation, pain, poverty, emotional hurt, evilness; whatever form it takes, you hate it. Watching others suffering is very uncomfortable for you and as an empath you tend to take on others pain and hurt.

Share This Story On Facebook. Previous Post. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. For details, please check our Privacy Policy. Accept Privacy Policy.The simple truth is that at the core level, we are all spiritual beings of light. Earth Angels are spiritual beings born into physical form. They are born into the physical world at this point in time in which multiple timelines are merging in order to.

Earth Angels are evolved spiritual beings. They are 7th and 9th dimensional Angelics incarnated into physical form. In order to be born as physical human beings, they lowered their vibration. But here's the thing. They came programmed with a wake-up call. They were born with a time to awaken. This could be a series of happenings, lessons, or events in order to awaken their divine truth. Although they are physical beings, they retain the connection to their higher Angelic counterparts.

Really, all souls originate from the same Divine Source, but there are many different paths and paradigms souls can take which shape their characteristics, missions, and even personalities. Earth Angels are people whose soul origins are from beyond Earth, and who have spent a great deal of time in the higher spiritual dimensions of love and light….

Earth Angels are those who have an overarching prayer and wish to bring peace, light and love to the Earth, humanity and all beings. While everyone on Earth now is a spiritual being, not everyone is an Earth Angel. Earth Angels are highly spiritually evolved as souls, they vibrate with an incredible light, and have been called to Earth on a mission to serve as lightworkers. Earth Angels are different from incarnated angels which you can learn more about here.

Like this video? Subscribe on YouTube for more! Like all of humanity, Earth Angels make mistakes, experience challenges, and feel disconnected at times. Earth Angels will often have energetic wings that can be seen by many psychics and clairvoyants. These wings represent the ability to carry out Divine will and are a lightwork tool that can help you to tune into energy and environments, block negativity from entering your aura, and they can actually be used for healing and energy work too!

This is a time of intense evolution — for the planet and for humanity. Earth Angels were chosen to incarnate now in order to help both humanity and Mother Earth during this period of change and growth. You brought gifts with you into this life and those gifts will help not only the planet, but everyone you come into contact with.

Times of transition always feel like uncertain times for those living through them. There are those who help to raise the vibration of the Earth and those who are detracting from it. We need Earth Angels here to help counter balance the negative. Earth Angels live among us and show us how to love each other and our planet. What more important role models could we have right now?What is an Earth Angel? Are You One? Find out! Myriam Zilles from Pixabay Picture of a cherub laying on a peach stone surface with text overlay of title.

Updated When I was first starting this website, I took a trip out west to a temporary house where I was going to be staying while I figured out my next steps. On the way there, my alternator, and then my battery died in the middle of the desert. I prayed and was able to jump the alternator to the nearest town, only to have the battery die the next day, at closing time in another rural location further along my way.

Stopping at a gas station to open the car hood to see what had gone wrong now, a man showed up with a horse trailer, pulled out some tools, and assisted me in putting in a new one, all within the thirty minutes I had before the filling station closed.

He then handed me a silver dollar, wishing that I may never be broke again. An Earth Angels purpose is to assist those in the physical realm to overcome hardship to the point where they recognize the power of a miracle. It is to act on behalf of the Angelic Realm for the healing of all. Though Earth Angels usually work alongside specific people or individuals for a particular time.

They will usually not admit to being an Earth Angel, and you may enjoy extended or a very brief time with this person. They can be male or female, adult or child, but they are usually imperfect beings to appear to help you fulfill a goal. Though they may be varied and diverse, and their identity first named in our culture in with the song Earth Angel, by The Penguins, Earth Angels continue to remain in popularity today.

And one thing is for sure, it's because they continue to exist. Perhaps you're an Earth Angel, or you've met one, who has shown up at an opportune time only to disappear forever for the rest of your life.

They're out there. Angels have usually lived only as Spirit, except for when they've been people before. Of course, there is an exception to every rule, and sometimes, Angels have to take the form of a human or animal to accomplish their goal of providing love, compassion support, and gentle overarching guidance to those in need. Sometimes, to do your job most effectively, you have no other choice but to go undercover. To get the job done, sometimes, you need to do the job differently.

You may have been born on this Earth as an Angel. There are a few signs that you have been, which we'll mention below. Collectively, the Earth Angels I have met share a few common traits and characteristics.

earth angels

So read on below to see if you can recognize any of these Earth Angel characteristics in yourself or someone you know. If you notice any of the signs below in yourself or anyone you know, you may be an Earth Angel. This post discusses the characteristics you may be an earth angel. To find out if you are one, read on - Photo of a horse cherub by Dorota Kudyba from Pixabay. You are ready and willing to think about and offer ideas, opportunities, and solutions to others. You look for the silver lining, the opportunity for learning, the seed of light in yourself and others.

You've provided people in need with physical support to get through a situation. You seek to find a better way or a more effective way to do things. You daydream and think about good possibilities quite often for yourself or others.When you are in your teens, you believe that you will find out who you truly are as you mature. You try out different personae, different styles, find new peer groups, but still, you feel a bit of an outsider.

You notice that you are happy when in the company of children or elderly folks. You know that you are even happier when on your own. You are a stable, beautiful human with a particular connection to Source. You have a well-developed awareness of others; you are careful what you say — you never want to cause emotional distress. You seem to be able to know how to help them because you are a step removed, and their way forward is clear to you.

You can empathize without being overly affected by their problems. You are often drawn to other-worldly things. Your favorite books are usually urban fantasy. You are fascinated by astrology, tarot, dreams and the psychic realms.

You may even feel you have psychic abilities. Being an Earth Angel means that you can channel your unique attributes to helping others. While you are young, this may only mean being a good friend or spending time cheering people up.

Older people love your company, so try to visit your elderly relatives and neighbors regularly. Yoga will bring you peace and heightened awareness. You are here to shine a light for other people. You are here to focus the source energy that flows through you for the highest purpose possible at any given time. You are one of the ones chosen to usher in a new age of enlightenment. You should choose a career that fits in with your unique personality.

You will be unhappy. Find your passion, discover what lifts your spirits and follow your inner guidance. You will know what to do instinctively. You believe that everyone has good in them. You believe that Earth is a living being and should be cared for accordingly. You leave as little evidence of your presence as possible. You believe in reincarnation. You can heal yourself and others with a touch or even a thought.

Meditation is necessary to your well-being. Animals and babies are drawn to you. You love listening to elderly people talk about their lives. You know that every moment is another chance to create your perfect life.

You love nature.

earth angels

You are happy being alone. As you grow older, you experience fewer extremes of emotion; you gain serenity.This miraculous and extremely challenging process created many bizarre, confusing, and at best, unusual experiences of opening to a higher level of consciousness and a greater connection to Source and to our own souls, as we were returning home.

Disregarding the recession here in the US or elsewhere as a cause:. Had a loss of identity? Do you ever feel lost and alone? Have you seen lights, heard voices, had ringing or buzzing in the ears, or felt unusual energy pulsing through your body? Do you have bouts of allergy symptoms or sinus problems and headaches? Have you ever felt energy pouring through the top of your head?

Do you just want to flee? If you have experienced a fair amount of the above, you are most likely having or have had in the past, the most common of the ascension symptoms and experiences. There are far too many to list here, and far too many of us have had these strange and common occurrences to warrant them as an accident or perhaps some kind of bizarre virus. These symptoms and experiences are a direct result of our spiritual expansion process, as we begin to vibrate higher and begin to embody more light than ever before.

As we evolve higher and higher in our spiritual evolutionary process, the experiences above begin to lessen to a great degree.

earth angels

Making necessary internal changes through much purging and releasing of old and lower vibrating energies, and aligning ourselves with new and higher vibrating energies, ensures an arrival into a new and higher way of living and being. And eventually, we come to find that we do not experience much of the above at all. It is then that we know we are ready for our next level.

The end of marked a very pivotal point in the ascension process.

The Earth Angels

Up until that time, we evolved in small and continual steps, although at times it did not feel like it! In this way, we completed one chapter of a new book, or rather released much our old lives and old selves, and always moved into another chapter. The end of marked the completion of an entire book …not just a chapter. This was a monumental time in our spiritual evolutionary process.

Enough of the masses had reached a point of critical mass, were then embodying or residing in the space that those who had gone first had been holding, and it was then time for an entirely new book or dimensional residency to occur.

This new book was most certainly new for each and every rung on the ascension ladder…meaning that everyone moved up into a higher level according to where they had been residing before. So then, you may be one who has progressed far and was very tired of waiting!

When we are waiting, it can feel that we are trapped, boxed in, or perhaps surrounded by darker and denser energies knocking on our door. But with the advent of the end ofthe waiting is now over. Those who had gone before had been waiting for a very long time indeed! Where are they now? Where have those who had been holding the space for the masses gone? We have stretched, moaned and groaned, complained, and become weary of it all until the very end…and the very end of this massive first phase has brought us to a new beginning which is now here.Produced by Dootsie Williamsit was released as their debut single in October on Dootone Records.

The Penguins had formed the year prior and recorded the song as a demo in a garage in South Los Angeles. The song's origins lie in multiple different sources, among them songs by Jesse BelvinPatti Pageand the Hollywood Flames.

Its authorship was the subject of a bitter legal dispute with Williams in the years following its release. Although the song was going to be overdubbed with additional instrumentation, the original demo version became an unexpected hit, quickly outstripping its A-side.

The song grew out of Southern California and spread across the United States over the winter of — A cover version by white vocal group the Crew-Cuts peaked higher on the pop charts, reaching number three.

The Penguins' only hit, it eventually sold in excess of 10 million copies. The original recording of the song remained an enduring hit single for much of the s, and it is now considered to be one of the definitive doo-wop songs. Init was one of 50 recordings chosen by the Library of Congress to be added to the National Recording Registrydeeming it "culturally, historically, or aesthetically important.

The song echoes "Earth Angel" in its melodic refrain: "Dream girl, dream girl Hodge later noted that the group lifted the bridge from that song for "Earth Angel".

Duncan's vocal range spans from F 3 to G 4. Although it was an unfinished demo, "Earth Angel" began to see immediate success. Williams carried a rough acetate dub with him to Dolphin's of Hollywood All Night Record Shop, a local record store, to gauge shop owner John Dolphin 's opinion. The song has continued to sell multiple decades after its release; [24] infor example, it was still selling thousands of copies per week around the world. Group members later engaged in a dispute with Dootsie Williams regarding royalties.

Ram had directed the group to Mercury, slyly using his power as a representative to get another L. A court decision found this contract was invalid as three of the four members of the group were minors at the time of their signing.

5 Signs You're An Earth Angel... How to Know For SURE!

Dootone countersued, claiming Mercury induced the group to break their Dootone contract and for taking the publishing rights of "Earth Angel". Dootsie Williams sued and was awarded the rights to the song in by the Los Angeles Superior Court "on the ground that Belvin and Hodge had written most of it. Their version peaked at number three on the pop charts, higher than the original. In addition to cover versions, the song has also been employed in various film and television soundtracks.

Australian group Human Nature covered the song on their album Jukebox. Although the Penguins never matched the success of their debut single, the song has continued to see popularity and acclaim. Cleveland Duncan, the song's lead vocalist, remarked, "I never get tired of singing it, as long as people never get tired of hearing it. An appraisal in the book Singles dubs the song "a simple but elegant recording now judged by many to be one of the finest examples of what would become doo-wop".

It stood out because of the sincerity of the delivery. The artless, unaffected vocals of the Penguins, four black high schoolers from L.



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